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Things to Do

Things to Do in Niagara Falls, Ontario

The fun never stops with the all the exciting things to do in Niagara Falls, Ontario and around Clifton Hill! For families, groups, and tourists of all ages, Clifton Hill is a street of fun that can’t be missed. This major tourist boulevard has been welcoming visitors since the 1820s.

Much of the area that now makes up lively Clifton Hill was once a quiet personal estate, until the estate’s owner, Captain Ogden Creighton, saw a business opportunity from the many travelers passing by on their way to the ferry. Captain Creighton set up a village, and while the village never took off, its name stuck. Clifton Hill came to be dotted with hotels—though the Travelodge at the Falls is now the only hotel right on the Hill. By the 1960s, the street was dotted with the bright lights, zany attractions, and museums that make it the premier destination it is today.

Covid-19 Update: Please note that to address health & safety concerns during this time, many attractions may be closed or have updated hours and procedures in place for visiting. Plan ahead and contact us at 1 905-357-4330 for more information.

Unique Views of the Falls

One of the best things to do in Niagara Falls, Ontario is to see the falls in a fun and completely new way. Head straight from our hotel to the viewpoints or Hornblower Cruise, which are just steps away. Make memories that will last a lifetime by seeing the falls from above—or below!